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Unhinged  - A.G. Howard

My thoughts

Hi all, your fateful netherling guide is back * he twirls around in a sickly green mist and reappears in a gothic attire resembling to a tattered rag clown * Did y'all miss me , heh? 
A lot happened in Splintered . Yesiree bob , a lot, a lot. Stuff happened and we were acquainted with lovely mad creatures and quite few will be present on todays trip* toot toot* 

So what has happened to Morpheus * cat scratch *, Jeb*swoon* and Allysa . Let's take a look.


The plot: we were rather soon head first in wonderland in the previous book but don't expect that in this book. Character growth, motive and secrets are more important in the sequel . Some people found some parts dragging and were bored , so it is better seeing the sequel as a whole other book. A different book but still the same .(my first attempt was difficult for this reason but after I figured this out I liked it more at my second try ) There are still enough maddening wonderland madness in unhinged for those that are wondering. I have re read Alice in wonderland and trough the looking glass months before I picked up unhinged and I I feel like that more of the looking class is incorporated in the sequel. More of wonderland was used for it's predecessor ( is that the right term , O well ). Maybe to avoid repetition. I don't know. Splintered had a nice rounded up ending and I asked me self how Miss. Howard would continue the story . I can quite surely say I'm not disappointed.

Ok ,that's enough reviewer. Let's talk about the characters ect ect . It is quite hard being a half half . Don't you all agree. Hihihihi hahahahahahaha ( the human and other half constantly butting against each other)

We have more chessie . I'm referring to the Cheshire Cat for all that don't know who that is He's far more prominent in unhinged. A happy Cheshire grin from me. I love how he interacted with Morpheus, Allysa and other characters.

Ok now onto The Boys. I'm undecided on what team I'm on at the moment. Both had heartfelt moments with Allysa and also did some or had some dastardly moments. I will not go in to detail but boys. You . $&$@!? I know it is not completely there fault but still . I want them to be both happy. Now sedge way into the romance triangle part, it was fine but not my favorite part of the book. I liked it more in Splintered because the good and the bad boy were recognizable but in unhinged both qualities intermingled. That is good in away because people are not one thing.* the naughty streak comes out * will any of you write Morpheus /Jeb slash . The ship name could be Jebpheus . If any of you does it , gimme a tweet will ya * giggle* 

Now onto Queen Allysa . I can imagine the stress of keeping parts hidden from society but she was selfish at moments. I still liked her but even more so when the secrets were revealed, how she acted when they were revealed and how she did not fall apart after the incidents in the end. Any toot else Where toot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we are coming to an end. This review is shorter for obvious reasons: Spoilers. I hope you all liked this review and comment away away away ( echoing ) I hope to see more character growth, more madness in Ensnared. And hopefully they will be alive, it is okay that they will be more than a little scarred but they need a pulse when I'm at the end. The title is ensnared and I'm anxious to see how it continues. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu. Tooot, Toooot , Tooot ! ( you will know what I'm referring to when you're finished with unhinged )

The Vicious Deep - Zoraida Córdova


My thoughts

Cover: Awesome currents and an acient tridend . Green , my beloved color

Book: Tristan Hart, a teen life guard.A tanned sarcastic dude with a great bod.[ girls i approve you all to go ga ga and drooling over him]. He’s living a great life, cool school swim team/life guard squad, great best friendfrend and a loving parents. But his life is not a calm sea anymore. He dissapears after a rescue in the crashing waves of a sudden storm. 3 days later ,he resurfaces on the beach at coney Island abd does not know what occurred on those days. His dreams are haunted by a terrifiying silver mermaid. He was claimed by the Sea and now it wants him Back.

This tail was sweet[ And so was his]. I’ve never been to brooklyn or coney island and only saw it in movies.But I could feel being at the beach and the brooklyn vibe.My mom visited brooklyn when she was younger so asked her how it was being at coney island. Z Cordova can create a atmosphere . Some parts in this book felt disney ish, darker disney but still fun, airy and a good hearted. 

I bet you all know this is a mermaid book.[I think].I fell in love with merpeople through disney’s ariel [ I <3 gingers . And a ginger novelist as a life partner would be dreamy] But rather few or none are being told from a male perspective. From a merman[sounds corny] a merbro[ lame] a merdude[ I like that term better. Tristan is not lame or a wimp] Me being a dude. I long for the male voice in books. Their reactions in situations and thoughts

The caracters gave the book its drive. From Tristan complaining of his glitteringly but masculine boy blue color.The arguing of Trisan and Kurt and the curiosity of Thalia. His “cousins’’. To the guts and spunk but still girly ness of Layla , his bestest best frend .

The Vicious Deep is written in 1st pov. I expected it to be darker but I got a fun some what light hearted book with quite some moments of darkness and terror.I cant wait for book two . I speculate something fishy is just around the corner[ yes I used a overly cliched pun] Want some hot merdudes. One of them telling the story. With something that could be romance. Jump in and dive and give The Vicious Deep a try. A fun summer or beach read. A great read for both sexes.

Brook Street: Thief (Brook St. Trilogy)

Thief - Ava March loved their chemistry
want more

Liesl & Po

Liesl & Po - Lauren Oliver My thoughts

Cover:It's a decent one.Like the gold cover.Bummer that was the only likable thing for me.

Book:It never was on my wishlist.I got a hint from Booksake[check them out, there awesome book reviewers] that it was a free read at Harpercollins.com. Not a complete disappointment for me. I still wanted to know what Liesl and Po would encounter on their travels.I never bash an author.This review includes my honest opinions.

This middle grade has gotten a lot of hype and was not that interested.It was a free read.Nothing to loose.Liesl and po is sad and dreary read.That was not a problem for me

But the bland writing and worldbuilding and characters were the reason for the two star rating. I felt no connection to the characters except bundle a cat-dog like shadow creature and it does not even talk or a lot of ''screen time''
from the official website. i do have to say great art for a middle grade

Liesl and Po was not for me and I'm now less likely to read deleruim and pandemonium.Don't let me deter you to read liesl and po.You may love it

Return to Exile (Hunter Chronicles)

Return to Exile (Hunter Chronicles) - E. J. Patten got a e=arc from galleygrab/ gave up was a 2 for me. maybe if i read further it would be more

Nightshade: Book 1

Nightshade: Book 1 - Andrea Cremer 3.8

calla is stupid at times and shay annoying

Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi 3.5
review soon

The Hunt

The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda 4.5

the hunt by andrew fukada

my thoughts

Cover Honestly I don't know wich one I like better.the us orange cover to important caracters are shown in the backgrond and the hole in tin i think.[a Key point in the novel!?] or the UK in no way resemblence to but love the emotion of the cover model,the creatures in the backgrond, the color template and the bloody lettering of the title

Book: I was so happy to finnaly get approved by Sint martin's press

Imagine a world were humans are nearly extinc and hunted down to extinction .so a delicassy, so a ravishing delicious rare meat.imagine living in that soceity, being human and masking your humanity.Everything that is human, your emotion, your characteristics, your odor, your name.
all would make you un camouflaged fish in a sharktank.thats what gene life feels like.

"People are numbered in society, on the streets, in class.Gene has an different designation in different classes.All the activity is in the night hours till the break of dawn to dusk again.Why is that? You asked,cause the people'',these creatures are VAMPIRES.And not your lobby dubby vampires, no not your sparkly ones[lol how could i not let talk about pass me by,lol i'm laughing lol] They are somewhat like and still different from ages past.From the grey zones of the publishing world.[not really that long ago lol] these ones are gruesome[still looking hott ] bloodthirsty and deadly.

The ruler has an announcement ;the last hunt that there ever be will be held.A last batch is left,the previous hunt was 10 years ago and it was made clear they were extinct.But gossip spoke of a few hepers[humans] that were left.Now imagine the craze,the lust,the hunger when the hunt was announced .A lottery is held for whom will enter the hunt.Saliva dripping from fangs and forming puddles on tables in anticipation for of the numbers that will be picked.

Ashley June ; one of the lucky ones to be picked and a fellow schoolmate. She is mysterious, seductive, innocent and sweet,trusthworthy or not.and not really her name!?[capable of kicking any whiny YA 'heroine's butt] looking forward to reading more of her in book two.that is all i can say about her with out spoiling[intrigued?]

Gene is one of the best male protagonist I've read and on my list of favorite male protagonists.He's a dude and you get to know it, you can feel it see it his his toughs , feel his emotions and see it though his actions.L loved how he gets more human and starts to be more human trough out the book which is deadly even more in the hunt and waiting and preparations of it.

The other main characters who will play a huge part in further books are not even known by name or in fact really seen untill the second part of the book.I loved reading about the building of the relationships between them and gene. I have to mention the ending was an freaking i hate you but i love you and have to read more but why the year long wait cliffhanging.

There were some iffy parts about the world, like how did the world become like that.But don't let that deter you. the action was spot on. I kept reading, must read further even if it was 1 am in the morning. And no drag what so ever. The hunger games vibe was nice but has not a coppy cat feel to it.it is written in first person perspective, gene's perspective[ i love his narration]

Now that rest to ask is this:

Are you bored love triangles? the human falling for the paranormal creature?[ i have to say there are some books that are awesome with that i just listed] vampires that are ikickly sweet?Ding ding ding, the hunt is for you[ found in bookstores near you on release date/ in annoying commercial voice lol]

thanks to St. Martin's Griffin for approving my request of The HUNT

Halflings (A Halflings Novel)

Halflings  - Heather Burch 1.5

my thoughts
Cover: A pretty decent cover.Are those wings? I loved the red hue

Book:I was in the mood for an angel book thus requested it on netgalley.Sad it was disappointing.The religious undertones were not a problem , the characters were.

I always try to finish a book and finishing this one was grueling.The love triangle was annoying. I tried not to be a cynic while reading the reading romance and ended up laughing.[ i'm rarely cynical] I tried to like it but sadly no success.

The MC is supposed to be an rocking kick butting heroine but was in fact one the whiny bunch. Which boy am i going to choose, which "brother".

Yeah falling in love is forbbiden an can is dangerous for there souls . Gimme a break. I do have to say the youngest "brother" is the best of the bunch and the funniest.Really he is a Hoot.

The prologue was freaking amasing , exiting. A chase. Nikki is being chased by hell hounds.And then the "brothers" appear . The halflings. WHY,WHY,WHY could the rest not exceed the prologue.The rest felt like reading a textbook, the prologue excluded.Flat and boring

A couple of people loved.Sad i did not. I read raving reviews. If you are interested.Give it a try.Maybe you are the one that will love it.

thanks to Zonderkidz for approving my request of Halflings

Storm (Elemental)

Storm - Brigid Kemmerer 4.8/5
review soon

The Shadow Reader (A Shadow Reader Novel)

The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams more fantasy than pnr/i'm liking it

Pieces of Us

Pieces of Us - Margie Gelbwasser 4.5 stars

My thoughts

Cover: The blue sky, the green field , the swing set in motion on a summer day got my attention like that when i first say it last year on a IMM of christi at the story siren.That scene has a huge and important part in this great and touching YA.

Book When i first say it on netgalley i flipped out[ok that’s overdoing it a bit,i was really exited] i requested.Crossing my fingers and toes. BUT i got declined,I requested it again and got declined for the second time.I finally got aprroved.Thank you Flux. I though"need to read this soon".My contanious effort was not for nought.

Before i start this review, this is dark.I was prepared for it but got schocked still.It was meant to be schoking

These teens are f*cked up.I can’t believe the parents did not see their kids were hurting inside.But he that reality .A lot of parents are to buzzy to see or sence whats happening.I have to ad there were great parental figures. The grandpa and ma’s.
Some parts of the synopsis are abit misleading. A summer full of secrets. The story takes place over two years and not one summer.Some people might find the pacing a bit dragging.But in mine opinion it was needed to tell the story

The writing was nice to read and flowed smoothly. In four different pov’s that of Katie,Alex,Julie and Kyle’s.I have not read a other book that's written in 2nd person that i can remember.I loved.Love different pov but their chapters were a bit short at times. That only irked me. Non the less i could connect with them all. I would glad to jump through the pages to comfurt them. Probably there reaction could be’’wtf , who are you’’ lol

All four teens had 360 turn around[for the better or worst] in my opinion and character growth.The katie,julie,kyle and alex i first met were different at the end.katie was a bitch and alex a @shole.But i got to care for them.A huge plus.Kyle and Julie doubted themselves a lot but that changed[i gotta try to doubt myself]I felt connected to Kyle a lot and saw a couple of things of me in him[YA SAVES].I can say the secret that’s come to light liffted and helped with a lot of hurt and pain.And eventually a more grounded love for all of them to each other and close people around them

If you love dark topics , no let me rephrase that like reading about dark topics in contemporary YA.This not a light read.Kinda dark is an understamend.I recently read that book banners are trying to ban it of its language and real heart braking stuff teens encounter.Give it a try.I can't wait to read miss Gelbwasser other book, inconvenient.

thanks to Flux for approving my request of Pieces of Us

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this was part of the 2012 contemp challenge hosted by katiesbookblog.com

Not An Angel (A Poryria Vampire Novel (Book 1))

Not An Angel  (A Poryria Vampire Novel (Book 1)) - Dawn Chartier My thoughts

Cover: It's a Ok-ish cover. It screams 'FIERCE'. Somewhat how i imagined Trace.

Book:When i saw tour stops were needed i immediately replied "I'm in" or something in that context.Glad i got the chance to read it.

Kira,a broken woman a broken life, standing and jumping of a bridge.Thinking "Let me die". She's rescued by a mysterious being.Awoken at the hospital! How? A strangly wonderful man appears in dreams, in her life.

I have to say this 80% and up{guessing here] charming and sweet romance however it's a Mature read and not recommend to younger readers. Some scenes tho limited are steamy ahem ahem scenes.

Kira, a previous mother can handle herself and does not let people in after what happened.

Trace, a raven-black haired[^_^] male specimen and lost someone or more as well.Does not after what happened until he meets her. LOVed that he was protective and caring towards his loved ones. NOT effeminate at all. catch my drift

Both leading roles, Kira and Trace have painful pasts and lost love ones.They found strength in each other. huge thumbs up (^-^)b I liked that Kira and Trace grew and fell in love.

The romance was lovable and sweet and the "doing" it scenes were interesting Haha

Other characters

Mikal, Mike for short was a great brother, Trance's younger brother. A srong family bond.

The "villain"?! was interesting hoping to see more of him.

The ending was sweet and round up pretty well. It could perfectly well be a standalone. Glad it isn't. I did not have high expectations going into this but glad i did. Hoping to read more soon

all the smiles are from freesmileys.org

This was an 100% honest review and posted also on roro is reading

Whistle Pass

Whistle Pass - Kevad so goood ^^

review soon


Everneath - Brodi Ashton omg i loved it/ so want book2 righht now

review soon

Tyger Tyger: A Goblin Wars Book

Tyger Tyger  - Kersten Hamilton i really liked it/ celtic lore rocks