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My thoughts

Cover: Awesome currents and an acient tridend . Green , my beloved color

Book: Tristan Hart, a teen life guard.A tanned sarcastic dude with a great bod.[ girls i approve you all to go ga ga and drooling over him]. He’s living a great life, cool school swim team/life guard squad, great best friendfrend and a loving parents. But his life is not a calm sea anymore. He dissapears after a rescue in the crashing waves of a sudden storm. 3 days later ,he resurfaces on the beach at coney Island abd does not know what occurred on those days. His dreams are haunted by a terrifiying silver mermaid. He was claimed by the Sea and now it wants him Back.

This tail was sweet[ And so was his]. I’ve never been to brooklyn or coney island and only saw it in movies.But I could feel being at the beach and the brooklyn vibe.My mom visited brooklyn when she was younger so asked her how it was being at coney island. Z Cordova can create a atmosphere . Some parts in this book felt disney ish, darker disney but still fun, airy and a good hearted. 

I bet you all know this is a mermaid book.[I think].I fell in love with merpeople through disney’s ariel [ I <3 gingers . And a ginger novelist as a life partner would be dreamy] But rather few or none are being told from a male perspective. From a merman[sounds corny] a merbro[ lame] a merdude[ I like that term better. Tristan is not lame or a wimp] Me being a dude. I long for the male voice in books. Their reactions in situations and thoughts

The caracters gave the book its drive. From Tristan complaining of his glitteringly but masculine boy blue color.The arguing of Trisan and Kurt and the curiosity of Thalia. His “cousins’’. To the guts and spunk but still girly ness of Layla , his bestest best frend .

The Vicious Deep is written in 1st pov. I expected it to be darker but I got a fun some what light hearted book with quite some moments of darkness and terror.I cant wait for book two . I speculate something fishy is just around the corner[ yes I used a overly cliched pun] Want some hot merdudes. One of them telling the story. With something that could be romance. Jump in and dive and give The Vicious Deep a try. A fun summer or beach read. A great read for both sexes.