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The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda 4.5

the hunt by andrew fukada

my thoughts

Cover Honestly I don't know wich one I like better.the us orange cover to important caracters are shown in the backgrond and the hole in tin i think.[a Key point in the novel!?] or the UK in no way resemblence to but love the emotion of the cover model,the creatures in the backgrond, the color template and the bloody lettering of the title

Book: I was so happy to finnaly get approved by Sint martin's press

Imagine a world were humans are nearly extinc and hunted down to extinction .so a delicassy, so a ravishing delicious rare meat.imagine living in that soceity, being human and masking your humanity.Everything that is human, your emotion, your characteristics, your odor, your name.
all would make you un camouflaged fish in a sharktank.thats what gene life feels like.

"People are numbered in society, on the streets, in class.Gene has an different designation in different classes.All the activity is in the night hours till the break of dawn to dusk again.Why is that? You asked,cause the people'',these creatures are VAMPIRES.And not your lobby dubby vampires, no not your sparkly ones[lol how could i not let talk about pass me by,lol i'm laughing lol] They are somewhat like and still different from ages past.From the grey zones of the publishing world.[not really that long ago lol] these ones are gruesome[still looking hott ] bloodthirsty and deadly.

The ruler has an announcement ;the last hunt that there ever be will be held.A last batch is left,the previous hunt was 10 years ago and it was made clear they were extinct.But gossip spoke of a few hepers[humans] that were left.Now imagine the craze,the lust,the hunger when the hunt was announced .A lottery is held for whom will enter the hunt.Saliva dripping from fangs and forming puddles on tables in anticipation for of the numbers that will be picked.

Ashley June ; one of the lucky ones to be picked and a fellow schoolmate. She is mysterious, seductive, innocent and sweet,trusthworthy or not.and not really her name!?[capable of kicking any whiny YA 'heroine's butt] looking forward to reading more of her in book two.that is all i can say about her with out spoiling[intrigued?]

Gene is one of the best male protagonist I've read and on my list of favorite male protagonists.He's a dude and you get to know it, you can feel it see it his his toughs , feel his emotions and see it though his actions.L loved how he gets more human and starts to be more human trough out the book which is deadly even more in the hunt and waiting and preparations of it.

The other main characters who will play a huge part in further books are not even known by name or in fact really seen untill the second part of the book.I loved reading about the building of the relationships between them and gene. I have to mention the ending was an freaking i hate you but i love you and have to read more but why the year long wait cliffhanging.

There were some iffy parts about the world, like how did the world become like that.But don't let that deter you. the action was spot on. I kept reading, must read further even if it was 1 am in the morning. And no drag what so ever. The hunger games vibe was nice but has not a coppy cat feel to it.it is written in first person perspective, gene's perspective[ i love his narration]

Now that rest to ask is this:

Are you bored love triangles? the human falling for the paranormal creature?[ i have to say there are some books that are awesome with that i just listed] vampires that are ikickly sweet?Ding ding ding, the hunt is for you[ found in bookstores near you on release date/ in annoying commercial voice lol]

thanks to St. Martin's Griffin for approving my request of The HUNT