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Not An Angel (A Poryria Vampire Novel (Book 1))

Not An Angel  (A Poryria Vampire Novel (Book 1)) - Dawn Chartier My thoughts

Cover: It's a Ok-ish cover. It screams 'FIERCE'. Somewhat how i imagined Trace.

Book:When i saw tour stops were needed i immediately replied "I'm in" or something in that context.Glad i got the chance to read it.

Kira,a broken woman a broken life, standing and jumping of a bridge.Thinking "Let me die". She's rescued by a mysterious being.Awoken at the hospital! How? A strangly wonderful man appears in dreams, in her life.

I have to say this 80% and up{guessing here] charming and sweet romance however it's a Mature read and not recommend to younger readers. Some scenes tho limited are steamy ahem ahem scenes.

Kira, a previous mother can handle herself and does not let people in after what happened.

Trace, a raven-black haired[^_^] male specimen and lost someone or more as well.Does not after what happened until he meets her. LOVed that he was protective and caring towards his loved ones. NOT effeminate at all. catch my drift

Both leading roles, Kira and Trace have painful pasts and lost love ones.They found strength in each other. huge thumbs up (^-^)b I liked that Kira and Trace grew and fell in love.

The romance was lovable and sweet and the "doing" it scenes were interesting Haha

Other characters

Mikal, Mike for short was a great brother, Trance's younger brother. A srong family bond.

The "villain"?! was interesting hoping to see more of him.

The ending was sweet and round up pretty well. It could perfectly well be a standalone. Glad it isn't. I did not have high expectations going into this but glad i did. Hoping to read more soon

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This was an 100% honest review and posted also on roro is reading