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Halflings (A Halflings Novel)

Halflings  - Heather Burch 1.5

my thoughts
Cover: A pretty decent cover.Are those wings? I loved the red hue

Book:I was in the mood for an angel book thus requested it on netgalley.Sad it was disappointing.The religious undertones were not a problem , the characters were.

I always try to finish a book and finishing this one was grueling.The love triangle was annoying. I tried not to be a cynic while reading the reading romance and ended up laughing.[ i'm rarely cynical] I tried to like it but sadly no success.

The MC is supposed to be an rocking kick butting heroine but was in fact one the whiny bunch. Which boy am i going to choose, which "brother".

Yeah falling in love is forbbiden an can is dangerous for there souls . Gimme a break. I do have to say the youngest "brother" is the best of the bunch and the funniest.Really he is a Hoot.

The prologue was freaking amasing , exiting. A chase. Nikki is being chased by hell hounds.And then the "brothers" appear . The halflings. WHY,WHY,WHY could the rest not exceed the prologue.The rest felt like reading a textbook, the prologue excluded.Flat and boring

A couple of people loved.Sad i did not. I read raving reviews. If you are interested.Give it a try.Maybe you are the one that will love it.

thanks to Zonderkidz for approving my request of Halflings