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Liesl & Po - Lauren Oliver My thoughts

Cover:It's a decent one.Like the gold cover.Bummer that was the only likable thing for me.

Book:It never was on my wishlist.I got a hint from Booksake[check them out, there awesome book reviewers] that it was a free read at Harpercollins.com. Not a complete disappointment for me. I still wanted to know what Liesl and Po would encounter on their travels.I never bash an author.This review includes my honest opinions.

This middle grade has gotten a lot of hype and was not that interested.It was a free read.Nothing to loose.Liesl and po is sad and dreary read.That was not a problem for me

But the bland writing and worldbuilding and characters were the reason for the two star rating. I felt no connection to the characters except bundle a cat-dog like shadow creature and it does not even talk or a lot of ''screen time''
from the official website. i do have to say great art for a middle grade

Liesl and Po was not for me and I'm now less likely to read deleruim and pandemonium.Don't let me deter you to read liesl and po.You may love it