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Drink, Slay, Love

Drink, Slay, Love - Sarah Beth Durst My thoughts

Cover:A fun cover. One of my favorite.Good thing it's a Gem hides underneath.A coca-cola type bottle filed with blood and slurped up with a straw. The pun with the title is genius.Bravo to the designers.

Book:DSL[drink,slay,love] was in my first ever Simon & Schuster Galley grab and the first time i saw it. So glad i downloaded and read it. A true gem[for me at least]

Late at night! Some vamps in hip modern clothes[what? teens are hip nowadays] are on the prowl. Pearl Sage Rose,a teen vamp among them. The others call it a nigh when dawn draws nearer.Pearl says she will be home soon and lingers further,She scenes something.Something strange appears ; A < majestic radiant beast. Is she hallucinating? No she's not it's real and charging towards her. Stabs her in the heart. Nothing is noticeable at first but she is changing inside slowly but surely she develops a conscious and her skin does not turn into ash in sunlight
Something perilous is in preparation to happen and it breaks her heart! What to do? How will she save her newly found friends and classmates

DSL begins at the start of a new school year