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Fractured Light

Fractured Light - Rachel McClellan My thoughts

Cover: Like the cover a lot. Llona ‘s ability is shown. I love when publishers do that. But it is not how I imagined her though.

Book: This my 2nd book from cederfort I’ve read. I got to say there pretty dam good.[sorry 4 the curse word]. My 1st booktour was a success . I reviewed Seers. The review linky. I saw it on netgalley . I was intrigued . I made a freaking great decision.

Llona Reese, our leading lady. 17 yrs [if I remember correctly. Human but something special in side of her. She is a Aura, female individual who can bend manipulate lights in her veins, her dna ,her being . Aura’s are supposed to be gentle and comforting. Llona is that but more she is active, not a pushover and tries to be brave

The book begins at the start of her senior year at High Land High.
There she meets Christian Knight a new athlete at the school, our leading a male, friend and romantic interest. Y’all probably thinking cliché, red alert, red alert ,insta love!! Well you’re wrong. Yes there is romance but no insta love. Love emerges steadily and steadily in the book, their relationship.

Christian loves sport, but is not consumed by it and not a jerk. He ‘s kind, charming, a bit overprotective at times but you will soon learn why. I think girls need a real fictional male in their life. No effeminate edwardy boy.

Other characters
May, Matt and Adam are great friends and 2nd characters. You would be lucky to have such friends in real life

Yes. The parental figures were present. Jake Reece her 26 yr old uncle was a example. He was fun, a game freak/enthusiast and a role model.

Other than aura’s there where
Guardians: protectors of Aura’s. Male humans not as vulnerable as normal males.

Vykens: evil shadowy flesh like creatures, dark pools of eyes. 100% evil. They reminded me of local lore; Asemas, shadowy being with fiery burning eyes who drink blood like vamps do.

This is a 1st person narrative .Llona pov. The beginning was a bit slow, the first 50 pages I rated it almost a 4 at that point. But then page 194,195 arrived and it passed the 4, 45. The ending gave it a boast towards a 5 star rating. My love is different for this book , not like mythos academy or rapture but still love.

I am eagerly awaiting book 2. Man I have to wait till 2013.

Thank you netgalley and cedarfort in accepting my review request. This is a 100 % honest review

sorry if i offended any twi fan