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Eve - Anna Carey My thoughts

Cover: Eve has a great cover .The golden gate bridge looks very warn out. The cover depicts a scene from Eve. I like it when publishers do that. My only complaint is that her arms look like doll arms.

Book: I won this paperback ARC at a giveaway in July/early august .Received it after 2 months and began reading immediately.

It’s 2015. A mother is writing a letter and end’s it with the words I love you, I love you, I love you. This prologue is one of my favorites. It is 2032. 16 years later. Eve is in 12th year on the School and graduating soon. The evening of the graduation she discovers a sinister secret and everything she has known and has been told is a lie! Someone finds out she knows the secret and orders her to flee.

Eve our leading lady, has good traits but she is so NAÏVE, reminds me of Ariel. But she losses her naivety trough out the book. She is persistent, does not give up and becomes brave. What I also admire that the was thought has a some truth to it , some men treat girls/woman without respect and are lusting over them and there are other specimen of the male side of humanity who are totally different ; caring ,kind ,sweet, trustworthy and helpful. And that she starts to know the difference.

Caleb our leading male and love interest has dreadlocks and he reminds me of teenage muscular Disney Tarzan lookalike without the vines. He is one of the vey YA boys who love reading and books. The 1st I’ve encountered the other than Sam [the wolves of mercy falls trilogy]. Joyous reads and I made a joke about it on twitter. You get to see in the little ways he feels for eve and falls for her.

Their romance/love is not a insta-love in my opinion. I have read some reviews, they disagree with me. I respect their opinion but this mine. I found the perfect song for Caleb and Eve and fits with a specific scene on the author’s blog. Throughout the book I’ve rooted for them.
the perfect song
The world building is decent but a bit lacking. However I love she has a way with words. The lack of kept it from a 5 star rating but loved the characters. Why why such a bittersweet ending Eagerly awaiting book two, titled Once. Hope I win a copy[ARC or finished copy] or gifted one.~~~fingers crossed~~`wink, wink~~

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