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New Girl - Paige Harbison My thoughts

Cover: Defenitely a cover-love of mine. Love underwater covers. I think it depicts a scene from the book. A disaster, a mystery will come to light.

Book: Honestly I only requested in on netgalley because of the cover[^_^]. Read my first Harlequin teen title not long ago so when not give this a shot. Totally worth my 8 hours reading this, in one setting.

A new girl is accepted to a Ivy league boarding school, Manderly.Arrives there and immediately all most of her peers dislike." She's trying to replace'' Rebecca, who went missing the summer before.What happened to her? Will she come back? a mystery! Denial, Vengeance,Lust,Hatred

This is an retelling of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca.I've heard of it but have not read it. So i can't say which one is better, the retelling or the original.

This story takes place at the start of a new school year, senior year, high school.

The storytelling was fantastic.Told in two perspectives,Rebecca, missing,and the main character that remains nameless till the end.Yes she is mentioned as 'New Girl'.The past and 3th person pov of Rebecca's chapters and the present and 1st person pov of New Girl is beautifully interwoven

The focus of this retelling are the moments and experiences throughout the school year at Manderly from the past[Rebecca] and a year later, the present; New Girl's experiences.

Rebecca was manipulative, conifing and the puppeteer of her surroundings and 'friends'.You 'll love despising her. I almost felt pity towards her at the end.Almost

Other outstanding characters
the art professor
The academy

New girl the complete opposite.Caring and kind.Only thing i disliked that she she let people push her around. But she gets a backbone atthe very end.

There was scandal.[Scandalous]cheating,hatred,betrayed, humiliation.but true friendship around New Girl.Manipulated amor. The real thing with New Girl. Dude, Dude the ending lines, the revealed mystery was THA BOMB If you're into mysteries,standalones give it a try. A paranormal rut remedy

Thanks to netgalley and to Harlequin teen approving request