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Warm Bodies: A Novel

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion Its really good and loved this book. I'm glad maggie stiefvater recomended it
loved R how he was the narrator and male protagonist. the story is from a zombie's pov and loved it because never read a story over zombies not as monsters but as social and what happining in there being,beings

Marion’s characters are far from perfect. Their imperfections give them a realness This is one zombie story that won’t give you nightmares. It leaves you instead thinking about that thing called life, there zombies not living and cheering for a monster.

His journey begins with no memory only a hunger for the flesh of survivors and the rare feelings that come as he feeds on the energy, emotion and memory trapped inside that what zombies long for the human brain. But a particular meal,this meal, the mind of a once-idealist, now cynical young man named Perry, awakens something within R. He makes the first moral choice of his undeath and saves Perry’s girlfriend Julie.
one of my fav scenes is where R is in the camp or place were the human's live , R put make up on to fool the guards and they believed he was alive and his clan were acting like they were chasing him, R drank liquor with Julie, and needs to go to the toilet because he 's gotta pee, he is thinking was happening, this has not happened before