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Seers - Heather Frost
My thoughts

Cover: Its not the best cover out there. But it caught my attention when I saw it on netgalley.
Update: I liked it more and more while reading ’’Seers’’. I think the pinkish comes from being with Patrick .

Book: The prologue was one of my favorite parts of this book. You get background information on the leading male, Patrick. The front that was used in the prologue was like a letter of sort. I really liked it.

The writing style was enjoyable and there are two pov but Kate narrates mostly. And I loved the front of the chapters which are the same as the title.

Kate Bennet ,the female protagonist , a 18 year old teen(yay a older protagonist) and sees aura’s (get it ‘‘Seers’’,lol) after a disastrous car in summer. On the first day of school she meets Patrick O’Donnell, a 18 year old Irish exchange student (swoon, have a thing on the Irish accent on women) who is in fact a 200 something year old guardian, you could say angelic but not exactly. They can’t go to heaven if after they choose to become one. I see what you’re thinking ‘’She falls for the mysterious new hot dude at first glance’’. No she does not.

She dislikes him because he has a silver aura, something must be terribly weird with him.( Normal people have a lot of colors together pink, blue, green etcetera. Demons have black ones) at first but falls for him almost midway through the book and Patrick over the 200 page mark. But almost to the end they both know that both likes each other. Kate learns what a seer is, what she is.

Their love is not gagging, loved the description of the first kiss I knew it was around the corner but did not know when, was so happy it happened. I’m a sappy romantic I know, lol.

Loved all the characters.
•Toni , a guardian a bit immature, ok that’s a understatement. But he is so funny. Loved his dialogues with Kate, Patrick, and Lee, Kate’s best friend

•Lee , what a wonderful amazing best friend. She knows Kate better than Kate knows herself

•Grandpa and grandma ,what wonderful old folk. What you would see on a hallmark card. Said enough.lol

The plot had a mafia –ish feel to it. The demons where mafia ish. Patrick had more than two chapters I think, hope that in book two there are a lot more.

The epilogue gave me information what to expect from book two. Looking forward to it. Some plot points gave me a ‘’Huh’’ reaction, besides that its a good book.

I gave this book a 4.5/5 stars

This song reminds me of the first chapters of Seers