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Article 5: Compliance is Mandatory

Article 5 - Kristen Simmons My thoughts

Cover:One of my Love at First sightcovers.Crumbled socity and it's perfectly pictured. A teenage girl and a boy on a hill and what looks like a wartorn Chicago is in sight down below.

Book:The cover drew[but you all know that right now ^-^]since i saw it last year early august.I was pinning to read was so happy to see there were arc giveaways but 99% of those only USA allowed so i took matters into my own hands and emailed a review request to Tor publishing and fingers crossed of course. So happy they aproved[ a e-arc is still an arc]It was worth the trouble[ asking and wishing]

Wartorn America. Everything changed.Crumbled cities, broken down houses and broken lives. The bill of rights are condemned and the moral statues are declared.Say adieu to freewill.

With the SOPA/PIPA and now ACtA ; controlling the new for 'our own good'.Article 5 seems very real and could happen in the near future.No nature disasters but a war caused the fall, the doctrine. Realistically scary is the world building.The writing was so so aaah.I imagined every scene clearly.

Ember a 17 year old [i so love that name] in violation of article 5 is taken[imprisoned] and brought to a rehabilitation center. Scared as heck but grew immensely within her being scared she became fiery and would do everything in her being to escape , survive.

Chase a broken down soldier.The one who imprisoned her under direct orders.I would jump into this tale to just to say 'Everything is stark and dark right now but things will be OK , don't know when but it's gonna be OK, there's a silver lining out there'.

There love is what i call true love no matter how rocky and bumpy it was believe you me , it was.And not a wishy-washy YA insta-love.Discovering secrets that can hurt both. Her trying to trust and love him all over again.

I highly recommend Article 5.A dystopia what could be real in not so far future. A good thing today is Article 5's book birthday[ trows internet confetti]Hope you all check it out

thanks to Tor teen for approving my request