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Pure - Julianna Baggott my thoughts

Cover:One of the pretties out there.Thank goodness no girl in dress one.A bit symbolic if you ask me.A dainty fragile life[the butterfly] above a rough bizarre ruthless dangerous earth has become.

Book: I requested This one because of its cover[I the color scheme.]It was good but not a complete hit for me.

A normal day, normal life, normal earth.But than it happened, The Detonations and everything changed.A perilous blistered earth emerged.Pressia found safety in the Dome but not many were that lucky.Things merged,fused,humanity has altered.If you can call it human.Partrige resides there , out side and one of them.There meeting, a pure and a wretch will change everything.

In my opinion Pure is not a YA but more of a Crossover like the night circusby Erin Morgenstern.The writing style was earthy[if that makes sens]The story is told in two main pov's. partridge and pressia.

The world building was bizarre, strange, gruesome, wild, weird and vivid One of the main reasons i kept reading.Imagine a picture when reading these words; meltlands, rubble fields.Pure is more post apocalyptic than dystopian.Liked that the before was still known to have existed but steadily fading away and forgotten.

the deathy houses all fell down
the deathy houses all fell down
the sick souls wander'round and 'round
watch out! they drag you underground.

Did not feel attached to the main characters although i got pretty darn close.But still looking forward to the sequel

If you 're into post apocalyptic and exotic wold building give it a try.Maybe the characters will "speak' to you.

Thanks to netgalley and to y Grand Central Publishing approving request