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The Always War

The Always War - Margaret Peterson Haddix my thoughts

cover: it is not my all time favorite. but it has appeal.

book: found it in my monthly galley grab. looked it up on goodreads. the synopsis looked interesting.

we get thrown in a hero awarding ceremony. Gideon Thrall is being awarded ,our non romantic leading male[that's new] and suddenly runs away. Yep that's the beginning

Tessa is in awe of him, his heroism. But secrets of the war, of him come to light and things change. with the result that they see everything and each other different. Tessa & Gideon meet Dekaterina, short for Dek along the way, the last of the trio.

this is an action packed for a relatively short dystopian
the actual bad guy is actually not a human or bad! what a surprise for me at least. It was the brains. I kinda liked 'it' very much.

Dek, Tessa and Gideon transitioned from almost strangers to basically best friends. i'd say Gideon had the most character development.

Tessa acted stupid and moody at times. she's no sue ann , heck no but no katniss either.the other thing it was so short.

I've enjoyed my very first dystopian novel. just the tip of the iceberg. I bet there are better books out there, more thought provoking. this was pretty decent. looking forward to reading the creme DE la creme of the dystopian genre. signing out.lol