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Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse

Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse - Lucas Klauss My thoughts

Cover:I really like this one.The cover i mean. Its simplicity and eye catching appeal drew me in.I like collage like covers.It seems like warmth is spreading.

Book: It was in my galley grab and i looked it it up. A YA debut so I thought''cool i'm so reading this for my DAC of 2012'' which is hosted by Kristi @ the story siren

First I have to say I know writing is hard work "cough"cough"my writing sucks"cough so far. Practice means perfect.Second I do not bash authors and only share my feelings in a polite and mannerly fashion.

The title is misleading! It's not a dystopian or apocalyptic but rather a contemp. I've started to love contemp. But EYNTSTA[acronym for Everything...need..apocalypse] was rather disappointing for me. But he that's me, i read gr8 reviews on goodreads, amazon and blogs. People differ.

It has religious/christian undertones. No biggie for me at all. But it was boring and long. I finished it.^_^. The characters did nothing for me; meaning i did not get to know them like ''real people''. Was a tad preachy ; that was a bit iffy i have to say.

I did not like the characters in EYNTSTA except Rebecca, the romantic interest.Who was likable.

Philip our protagonist. I did not like him at all. He acted like a real like teenage dude, a real life jerk. He was annoying at times.

And his friends; Mat and Asher. Did not know why they were buddies.They scold and humiliate each other.My dude friends hit each other till their fists turn red.[hurts] but not that.

The writing was likable and this is told in 1st person narrative.